Hypnosis and Past Life Regression


In addition to standard therapeutic methods, I am also trained in conducting Hypnosis sessions. Do not believe what you have seen where people are seemingly forced to do or say things under someone else's control. Hypnosis is actually a relaxation process under which you maintain complete control of your mind and body. Under my guidance, you may discover information and insights that may enhance your life.

I generally schedule several sessions. During the first appointment, we review your history, background, and life experiences. This review helps me to understand what might be brought up during your hypnosis. We also identify some of your unique concerns that you wish to explore during the hypno-therapy sessions. I have had clients explore personal issues, relationship issues, and even sport performance anxiety issues. Whatever you choose, you will benefit from my professional training and experience throughout the process.

Past Life Regression:

I am very excited to offer Hypnosis and Past-Life Regression therapy as part of my practice. I have been trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters and other books. I have been performing these regressions for several years, now. Dr. Weiss used to maintain a referral network, but has stopped making referrals starting January of 2008.

Intake Session: As with the general hypnosis, I generally schedule several sessions. The first session is a clinical intake session. When the intake is completed, we discuss whether or not to proceed with the past-life regression therapy. If we agree that it is beneficial to proceed, we will schedule one or more hypnosis sessions. A session is up to three hours, which includes the hypnosis and post-hypnosis discussion of the experience.

Insurance Note:

Hypnosis sessions are not always covered by insurance. Past Life Regression sessions are not covered by insurance. Please see Appointments and Insurance tabs for more information.